Toby’s Tested Texts

proof of heaven“Darkness, but a visible darkness—like being submerged in mud yet also being able to see through it. Or maybe dirty Jell-O describes it better. Transparent, but in a bleary, blurry, claustrophobic, suffocating kind of way…a deep rhythmic pounding, distant yet strong, so that each pulse of it goes right through you. Like a heartbeat?…a giant subterranean blacksmith is pounding an anvil somewhere off in the distance: pounding it so hard that the sound vibrates through the earth, or the mud, or whatever it is that you are.”

How does that grab you? These are Eben Alexander’s words from his gripping book, “Proof of Heaven” explaining his near death experience or NDE and all it entailed. This is a just a little excerpt from his chapter, “Underworld” where he obviously gets to encounter Hell. He continues in this chapter to give the most repulsive description of all;

“I became aware of some objects around me. They were a little like roots, and a little like blood vessels in a vast, muddy womb. Glowing a dark, dirty red, they reached down from some place far above to some other place equally far below…Grotesque animal faces bubbled out of the muck, groaned or screeched, and then were gone again…The movement around me became less visual and more tactile, as if reptilian, wormlike creatures were crowding past, occasionally rubbing up against me with their smooth or spiky skins.
Then I became award of a smell: a little like feces, a little like blood, and a little like vomit. A biological smell, in other words, but of biological death, not of biological death.”

I have to say, it is an all-time favorite book of mine. Not only did this respected Neurosurgeon not believe in God or near-death experiences because he has all the scientific proof that heaven doesn’t exist and NDEs are just your brain suffering in your state of being. Surprisingly, he gets to have a journey of an NDE himself—and experience Hell in its full form.

The book is one that you can’t put down. I read it in one day, because I wanted to hear more, learn more, and experience what he experienced. His description is brilliant and riveting and the twist at the end is perplexing! You see his transformation from the first of the book to the end.

This scientist has scientific evidence and MRI scans that show there was no activity in his brain at the time of his NDE. He was dead to us in this world, but instead he was witnessing the most beautiful life of all, that of Heaven.

He went from being the skeptic non-believer that so many doctors, scientist and people who think they are educated in our world are, to becoming a huge believer and now includes prayer and meditation into his daily routine.

This book is a must read. I rave about it to all my friends. It opens your eyes to the greater realm that exists outside of our bodies and into this other dimension. A world that has been taught to us for centuries and still exists today. A world that is too big for us humans to wrap our brains around.

If you read no other book in your life…PLEASE read this one! It will change your life!