September Nights

September nights.  Aren’t they fabulous?  The cool crisp air is nature’s way of reminding us that a new season is approaching.  It’s nice to experience these nights after many hot summer nights, and it gives the morning air an entirely different smell.  Did you ever notice that?

Just from the smell of the air, my brain tells me it is time to do different things.  Pick apples.  Start cooking in my oven again.  Look for the leaves changing their colors on my runs.  My focus just totally shifts, all because the smell of the air.  It’s mystifying really.

The smell dictates the activities that I desire to fulfill.  It’s like it completely takes my thoughts captive, and I have no control over them any longer.  I should be wanting to soak in as much sun as possible on these nice September days, but instead, I want to spend the time in my kitchen again, cooking up some September meals.  Apple pork chops are my favorite!

Am I the only one who feels this way?  When September hits I am ready for a change.  I am ready to turn from my BBQ grill and start using my oven again.  I am finished laying pool side with cold drinks.  I can’t wait to run in the evenings with long sleeves.  Even as crazy as it may sound, I am totally ready to head back to school.  The smell of the air tells my body that it is time to move forward.  A new season is approaching and I am OK with this.

How many of us aren’t ready for the new seasons in our lives?  How many of us try to strangle the life out of the season we are in, even though as creatures of earth, the world is signifying to us that it is time to change.  You see it everywhere.  My husband is the funniest.  I still can’t get him into any other pair of jeans that the classical Levi 501s.  I love them on him, but there are many great denims in the world, but he will not let his season of wearing 501s ever change.

That is just a simple example, but there are some people who haven’t changed their hairstyle since the day they graduated high school.  Some people just grip the living daylights out of the stage they are in and refuse to change.  Unfortunately, life is all about change.  Styles change…even though my husband is refusing change. Relationships change.  Work changes.  Everything changes, and we have to let the changes happen and adjust ourselves to these changes.  Taking a positive approach helps with change.  Find the good in changes, because there is always a positive in every situation.

I’m a huge Eckhart Tolle fan and I love how he describes change! “Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”

Embrace the changes in your life that come with the wonderful month of September.  I know something new IS going to emerge for each and every one of us! It’s time to love life and realize it’s time to change.  Like it or not, the smell is in the air!  It’s time!  Something wonderful is in store for you! Enjoy!

Emotional Gout

Gout!  I remember studying about it in university for my Kinesiology degree when I was in my early 20s.  I chalked it up as an “Old Man’s Arthritis”.  The type of crippling pain that inflicts underactive, beer drinking, middle aged men who eat a fat saturated diet.  To my surprise, now my husband fits into this category that I once judged and turned my young, immature nose up at!

Luckily, when my husband has a flare up of this debilitating type of arthritis, he has a little blue pill that he can take to decrease the inflammation and lower the uric acid level in his blood.  This little pill isn’t all he has to do to make this painful experience go away as quickly as possible.  If my hubby wants this to clear up for good, then he really has to make some lifestyle changes, or it can cause erosion and destruction at the joint.  Taking this little blue pill is not fixing the problem it is just alleviates the pain temporarily until the individual can make some changes in their lives to make this go away.

Gout is something that can be fixed with a few changes in one’s lifestyle.  Making conscious changes in your diet, body composition, and alcohol intake.  Think of it like a broken leg.  If you had a broken leg that needed pins and plates to fix the problem, would you like for the doctor to perform the surgery and fix this problem at the root, or would you prefer to take Oxytocin and just numb the pain?  I’m assuming your answer is fix it with surgery.

The same holds true with any other pain that you are feeling.  Gout, broken bone or whether it is emotional pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, etc.  You can find a medication for all of these aliments, but it isn’t putting pins and plates in where they are needed.  You are just taking the Oxytocin to numb the pain and not fix the problem.

As I am learning more and more on meditation and the importance of spending this alone time with your consciousness, I am realizing that the pains that we go through are really just ’emotional gout’ with an unbalanced level of acid in our hearts.  We don’t even realize that we have these pains because they are buried in our subconscious.  Things that we ignored and never dealt with.  Things we took personally that we probably shouldn’t have.  Things that we made bigger than we probably should have due to our own insecurities.

Eventually these emotional problems resurface in our lives as pains in our bodies.  Sure we can go to psychologist or psychiatrist and have them perform their surgery on our broken brain parts, but after the cast comes off we also should be going to a physiotherapist to help the broken part become just like new again.  That is the part that meditation plays.  Meditation is the physiotherapist of the broken psyche world.  We all need this form of rehabilitation for our broken, acid filled or inflamed brains.

I love the quote that I heard from Panche Desai on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday pod cast.  He said, “Life is happening for us, not to us!”  How many of us wallow in self-pity when life doesn’t go the way we planned it, or something happened to us that we feel is unfair or unjust?  How many times have I heard that old cliché saying, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”  Because even good people can learn and become even better people!

He also has another great quote that says, “That which we do not bring into the light of day controls us.”  Truer words could have never been spoken!  We have to deal with our ’emotional gout’!  We have to take control of our emotional diet and make some emotional lifestyle changes, by taking time in meditation to deal with our problems.  Taking medication only masks the problem, it doesn’t fix the problem.  I promise with every inch of my soul that if you make the decision to change your daily routine to just sit silently for ten minutes a day, you will see incredible transformations happening in your life.

Once your ’emotional gout’ is under control make the life changes necessary to get off the pills and have control back in your world!  It will be life changing!!


Braces of Life

My daughter finally got her braces off this week!  She was extremely excited for the unveiling of her new set of pearly whites!  I was excited because of her excitement.  She couldn’t wait to eat certain foods again and most of all she was thrilled not to have food stuck in her teeth after every meal.

As the dental assistant quickly removed the braces to show us her new straightened teeth, I was amazed at the quick transition.  In two years, these two little wires moved things around precisely to have every incisor, canine, premolar and molar tooth perfectly positioned.  I never had braces myself so this process totally awed me!

I couldn’t understand the anguish and pain that my daughter was going through during these two years of braces because I never got to experience this myself.  I did see her having to take Advil after they got adjusted or after she had to wear new elastics.  I hated that my daughter had to be exposed to this needless pain just to have straight teeth, but it is something that she wanted and something that would serve her well for the rest of her life.  This pain, was just something she had to go through and there was nothing I could do to change that!

As I spend more time myself making my trips around the sun each year, I am realizing so much!  I find my children supply me with a great amount of wisdom.  Through this braces experience, and as my children age and are faced with some adult decisions and trials, I’m realizing that we are really all put on this earth to have our braces put on our teeth of life so that we can be straightened out.

We are all faced with getting our braces tightened every day.  We have challenges face us daily.  Some people are faced with more than others, but we are all being slowly shuffled around in our mouths of life so that over time we are straightened out to the place in our mouths where we belong.  A perfect smile of life.

My daughter was lucky.  She didn’t have her braces on for the expected two years.  That is because she was obsessive about the directions that the orthodontist gave her.  She made sure that she wore her elastics when she was supposed to.  If a brace broke she was at me to make an appointment and get it fixed immediately.

My son on the other hand was a total different story.  He never wore his elastics as directed by the orthodontist.  When I would encourage him to follow orders, he would remind me that it wasn’t him that wanted these braces it was me, and didn’t care if he ever got them off.  His attitude with this mouth full of metal was totally different than my daughter’s.  Due to his neglect, he had his braces on much longer than was expected.  Geeze.  I have an athlete I coach that has to have her braces on for five years because her jaw, teeth and bite are so messed up.

We are all going to have a different experience here on Earth, just like all children have a different experience with their journey in braces.  We can be like my daughter and be diligent about every little thing the orthodontist tells her so that her experience with this mouthful of metal is as painless as possible or we can be like my son, and not care about what happens to us and not learn from the wisdom of those who are directing our steps.

This is totally up to the individual.  Either way, we are going to come in to contact with these metal wires in our lifetime.  What we choose to do about them is our free will.  .  Just like I hated that my daughter was exposed to this needless pain of braces, it is hard to watch our children or any loved one experience the other pains of life.   We are all experiencing peer pressure, bullies, broken hearts, failures, and disappointments and this is hard to watch when it is someone you deeply love.  Especially our own flesh and blood.  If you are anything like me, you just want to just fix things for them, but you have to understand that that doesn’t teach them the strategies of life.  It is the person going through the turmoil that has to make the adjustments, and do the work themselves.  Parents can only be like the orthodontist and give them suggestions on what they can do to help this process move along faster.  Whether they listen to us or not is then their choice.  They have to make the effort to take direction and move forward.

If I can teach anything to my children or any loved one, as they are going through their painful time of  life’s braces and straightening out their moral compass of life it would be a quote from William Shakespeare, “Forget what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you.”

We are all going to experience the pain of having our “braces of life” on, but it is all part of our straightening out process for our souls.  Use your pain for your good.  Don’t forget the pain, but forgive the situation and learn from what it teaches you.  Try not to make the same mistake again.  If you do repeat the process.  Forget.  Forgive.  Learn.  And most importantly move on.  Eventually, whether it takes you a lifetime of braces or just a few years, you will eventually have the most beautiful and straightest smile of your life!

We all deserve this, but only you can make it happen!


Emotional Eruptions

I have thoroughly enjoyed all the stages of my children’s development, but I am thinking the teenage stage is probably one of my favorite.  I love how they think they know more than their elders, make fun of our dispositions and actions, and most of all, I think it is funny how they are getting used to the adult life.

My beautiful daughter is learning how important it is to take good care of your face to prevent any acne from surfacing from her pores.  She is now on a fifteen minute routine that she performs morning and night to ensure her face remains clean, oil and blemish free.

I think it is fantastic that she devotes this time to the prevention of these nasty buggers.  We all know that pimples are excess oil, dead skin cells and bacteria that get overloaded in our pores and cause this hard, inflamed part on our skin.  It actually comes from the Greek word that means “skin eruption”.  Funny part of the puzzle I think!

As I listen to her perform this lengthy routine every day, it makes me think about the importance of our own emotional health.  We really should be doing the same with our emotional well-being as my daughter is doing with her facial well-being.  She is taking a half hour out of her day to prevent these “skin eruptions” but so many of us should really be taking thirty minutes out of our day to prevent “emotional eruptions”.

Why do we worry about what is on the surface of our bodies, but not what’s going on deep inside of our souls?  Our mental pimples come from the dirty bacteria of our life experiences, the oil of bitterness and dead dream-cells that get plugged up in our minds and cause hard, inflamed parts in our souls.  Emotional pimples so to speak.  They fester in our thoughts and make emotional eruptions just like on our skin’s surface.

I’m sure my daughter isn’t the only one that spends time on making sure her face is acne-free.  Geeze, most women are definitely guilty of this!  Spending tons of their daily time on what their face looks like.  Make-up application isn’t a speedy affair and most woman spend tons of time making sure all their blemishes and imperfections are perfectly hidden under all that foundation, highlighter, blush, mascara, etc.  Meanwhile, their insides are totally falling apart.  They are ready to explode or take a mental breakdown, but they still look good on the surface.

If we spend the time on what our face looks like, shouldn’t it be more important to focus on our emotional pores?  Our emotional imperfections?  If we don’t want things to plug our emotional pores, then we really have to take the time to do the work that is needed to make sure we don’t have emotional eruptions either.

If you have time in your day to spend on pampering your face, feet, hands and even eyelashes, you surely can find time to pamper your soul.  Even if it is just 20 minutes a day to sit and meditate.  You can do a guided meditation, or sit in silence.  The important part is that you devote time to something incredibly more valuable than your face, your mental health!

The excuse, “I don’t have time” doesn’t fly with me.  We all have choices and if you choose to spend hours on making sure your outward appearance is great for all the world to see, than you have time to work on your inner appearance.  In all reality, this is what makes a person attractive, not what they look like on the outside!

Try multitasking.  Use your time wisely.  While you are in the shower, listen to something spiritual that you find touches your soul, or that educates you on the importance of meditation.  While you are putting on your face in the morning and taking it off at night, again, play an audiobook that will teach you the importance of pampering your inner appearance.  This is actually the part of you that people will eventually find the most attractive anyway!

I love the Buddha quote that says, “You cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside.”  My daughter can help control her skin eruptions to a certain extent if she spends the time nursing this area of her face, but we can always control our emotional eruptions if we spend time fostering our insides.  I recommend everyone read “Conquest of the Mind” by one of my favorite authors, Eknath Easwaran!  This book will help you take charge of your thoughts and reshape your life, if you are ready to put energy into this part of yourself.

It is time for everyone to realize that their inner health and well-being is more important than their outer appearances.  Spend your valuable time cleaning up the inner you.  I can’t stress the importance of this part of yourself.  Happiness is always found on the inside, not on the outside, so pamper that inner you to give you the happiness you deserve!  Nobody wants Emotional Eruptions, just like nobody wants pimples all over their face.  Clean up yours today!


Strengthening Struggles

Facebook is a funny thing.  I love posting on it, mostly because I get to see these posts as memories years from now.  This is really my motivation to post, but recently I shared a post that my daughter made the top 12 gymnastics provincial team.  The following day, the roster was released from Baseball NB that my son made the U17 team and I also shared that.

It’s very kind that people post congratulations on these posts, and comments such as what athletic children we have, but all I want to reply with is that all children are created equal and my children are just fortunate that they found sports that they enjoy and work hard at.

I love that my children are involved in sport, not to be recognized as making provincial teams, but for what sport teaches them.  Sport teaches that you strengthen through your struggles.  I’ve witness my daughter fight fears in gymnastics to finally concur them and continue to move forward.  I’ve been through shoulder rehab with my son so that he could be a successful pitcher again. Through sports, I’ve watched my children struggle and become stronger and more successful.  Their push and success through these pains and setbacks is what I’m most proud of…not their actual accomplishments in their chosen sport!

These sporting struggles eventually lead them to be stronger in their chosen sport.  Just like the struggles of their lives are making them stronger, more successful human beings, more prepared to move forward successfully in life from what they learned during their difficult times.

What people don’t see on my Facebook posts are my children’s life struggles.  Just because I don’t post them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  Every Facebooker is experiencing personal struggles, but most of us never share this part of our lives with the Facebook world.

My daughter went through a horrible winter.  She was put on a hit list of another student in her school.  Actually her very close friend, who even texted her the date they planned to kill her.  “April 13 is going to be a blast!”  This hit our family hard, but we took this struggle and we attacked it like we would our sporting lives.  We knew that it was just a bump in our training and it was eventually going to make us all stronger!  A torn Achilles one may say.  Fortunately, it gave me an opportunity to practice what I preach and to work with her through her fear, anxiety, broken heart and devastation.

The entire time I kept explaining to her that this person just needs love, and we would take time out of our days to do just that.  Send this person love.  I talk about it to her when she brings it up.  She saw this individual lately and of course it stirred up many emotions in her, but I explained to her that this is all things she has to work through to make her stronger for whatever life is going to throw her way next.

Another big life lesson that this situation opened the door for me was to teach her to not take anything personally.  This is the other person’s problem, not hers.  She is just being caught in the cross fire of their inner issues.  Any time my children feel like they are being attacked in some way, I stress that it isn’t their problem and they shouldn’t take it personally.  This is the second of the “Four Agreements” found in the book “Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom” by Don Miguel Ruiz taken from the Ancient Mexican Toltec wisdom.  If you are looking for a great book on freeing yourself from this crazy world, I definitely recommend this one.

My son is no different.  He has his life struggles too, and we work through them the same as I do with my daughter.  I have made both of them listen to the Four Agreements that are found on Youtube, and hopefully they keep this ancient wisdom in their brains as a strengthening tool for their life to come.  My mission is to give them as many strengthening tools as I possibly can!

The Universe sends us many strengthening tools, just like we use in sports.  I’m sure everyone is familiar with the basic bench press?  This is a strengthening tool created to strengthen our chest muscles…or pectoral muscles to be exact!  Well, life gives us many bench presses in the run of our lives to help strengthen ourselves as human beings.  As parents we are going to watch our children struggle under the weight of the bench press, but we have to let them bench press it themselves.  We can stand and maybe spot them through it if they need us, but we can’t bench press it for them.  We have to let them get sore from their attempts and try the bench press again.

Nothing is more rewarding than watching your child increase their ability to press more weight on the bench press as they strengthen through their constant struggles.  The same is true with life.  We all have to struggle with the weight of the bench press to strengthen ourselves and move forward in this world.

There is a great quote that I am sure you’ve all heard before, “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger.” That quote is attributed to the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, who Netflix did a great episode on in “Geniuses of the Ancient World” which I recommend you watching too.  Actually, he said it much more eloquently: “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” And, if you look at life like a sport and our struggles as a bench press, surprisingly this man is right!


Religious Buffet

Do you ever struggle with religion and what is right and what is wrong?  I have for a long time.  My argument with many of my hard-core Christian friends is there is no freaking way that Mahatma Gandhi didn’t make it to Heaven.  If Heaven is a real place, than that man deserves to be there, whether or not he believed in Jesus has no bearing on his final destiny.  His story is all inspiring for every man to emulate.

The further I dive in educating myself on the matters of the universe, the more I am finally understanding this.  I love the buffet of spirituality that is out there for us to taste.  There is an endless selection of information, and I plan on tasting it all!  I’ve read the Bible.  Verse by verse, I’ve studied the Dhammapada (collection of Buddha’s verses) conducted online by a Buddhist monk.  I’ve read the Tibetan Book of the Dead for my own personal reading pleasure.  And, I am very excited to say that I only have 40 more lessons remaining in A Course in Miracles and I will have my 365 days of the workbook section complete.  This is just a few of my reading material that I have studied over the past few years, not to mention hundreds of other books on ego, mindfulness, meditation and enlightenment.

One might say I am totally obsessed, but as Wayne Dyer recommends, I am just trying to “have a mind that is open to everything and is attached to nothing.”  He also said, “The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you know nothing about.”  I think these are very wise words, but how many of us, really educate ourselves in all area of spirituality?  This is one thing I decided I wasn’t going to be guilty of.  I still have many more books that I want to continue to read, and the Bhagavad Gita is the next on my list.

I’m sure I am not the only one that has had the question in life of how can only one religion be the only way!  I’m sure I’m not the only person thinking if Christianity is right, then Mahavira, Krishna and Buddha are wrong?  If Mahavira, Krishna and Buddha are right then Moses, Jesus and Mahammed are wrong.  All of them can’t be right!  Right?  Why not?  I am learning that this is all a matter of perception!  And in all reality…it is only your ego that needs to think they know what is right.  Nevertheless, I love educating myself on all of this!  I am also learning that if you drop your ego in the midst of this thinking and drop the thought of religion being a theory and change your thinking to religion just being a device, then there is no conflict at all.

During my research, I love when my findings line up.  I was very excited when I was listening to a pod cast of Swedenborg and Life called, “How Different Religions Coexist in Heaven” found here: because according to this eighteenth-century scientist and philosopher, he explained that all religions go to Heaven, and that there is a way in for each and every one of them.  Believe it or not, the Creator has designed an assorted religions for all different kinds of mindsets in humanity.  Like a spiritual buffet for all different palates.  Mind blowing right?

We have to realize that if we let go of the necessity of thinking only one way is the “the way”, which is a huge part of the ego, then we can taste it all.  Neither is right, neither is wrong.  What does it matter if one religion thinks we come here once and either go to Heaven or Hell, or if we have endless lives and we keep returning until we learn the ways of the world?  For many people these theories are very important and they want the answers.

I am currently reading an incredible book by Osho called, “The Book of Secrets”, and he had a great way to explain this all.  He explains that all religions were born many centuries ago in the Eastern area of the world.  Jesus, Moses and Mohammed were talking to one group of people, and Buddha, Krishna and Mahavira were talking to a totally different group of people.

Jesus, Moses and Mohammed were religions designed for poor, under educated people.  These gurus were also not educated.  For a poor man, one life is more than enough.  He doesn’t want to have to ever come back to this world, but if he knows there is hope after this life, he will act appropriately in order to get to this Promised Land called Heaven.  If you tell this type of mind he will be coming back to this world again and again, his mind just can’t handle this theory.

Buddha, Mahavir and Krishna were produced and had followers from a very rich, cultured, sophisticated and educated society.  These spiritual teachers were refined in every way, their group of followers were bored because they had everything they needed for this life time.  These gurus were talking to a rich society and Heaven was meaningless, where Jesus’ followers, Heaven was everything and very meaningful.  Buddha’s teachings were centered around freedom, and Jesus’ world would not have attracted these sorts of people.  They were already in a Heaven on Earth.

For a rich man, suffering is not his problem, it is boredom, but a poor man, a promise of pleasure waiting for him in the afterlife, is very attractive.  The rich people wanted to get off this wheel of life, and it was attractive for them to know that becoming enlightened would finally get them off this wheel.

What does this all come down to?  Different taste buds!  People are different and there are many different religions in the world to reach all diverse taste buds.  What tastes good to me, might be totally repulsive to another.  What works for me might not work for someone else.  It might not even work for my own children, and that is totally ok.  They have their own mind, their own set of taste buds and it is their job to find out what taste is appealing for them.  I will supply them with lots of different tastes for their palates or devices, but I am not putting them on a strict diet and telling them what to eat or how they have to think.  That is not my job as their parent.  We are all on our independent journeys, and we all have to recognize this.  Let other people be who they want to be, eat what they want to eat, read what they want to read, and worship what they want to worship.

If we stop taking religious theories as the only way and realize they are just devices to become better people, then Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, Mahavir and Krishna are all right in their own way.  Depending on the person’s perspection.  They create different journeys for different people.  They create different techniques for different minds and they have a different tastes for different palates.  These differences aren’t to be fought over, they are to be embraced and celebrated.  It is only when your own insecurity flares that create problems, and that is all your ego needing to be right and proving its superiority.  We are all created equally, and differently, and we all should open our minds to realizing even our Divine Creator celebrated this and gave us a buffet of choices for our different taste buds of life!


Traffic Circle of Life

Summer is such a wonderful season!  The strong sun’s rays, morning birds chirping with happiness, the ability to enjoy the pleasures of the beach and all it has to offer, the longer days, the colorful flowers, the warm night’s air and the flowery aromas of the beautiful gardens.  The list of miracles is endless, and all depends on what you find to appreciate.

One thing I have to say that I am not a fan of in the summer time is all the road construction.  They are constantly fixing something.  It makes summer traveling slow due to one lane of traffic and waiting to take your turn to get through in different areas.

I was actually impressed with our city!  They decided to change a dangerous intersection into a traffic circle to make it safer and more convenient for travelling.  Or so they presume.  I am confident that the city did their research to back this up, or experience from placing these traffic circles in other cities and having much success with them.

As I was driving on this torn out piece of our cities hub the other evening, I found this new change in our traffic flow very symbolic to life.  How many times do we take the time to tear apart our minds to change the flow of our lives?

Our city took the time to investigate this intersection that seems to cause multiple accidents year after year and decided it was time to make a change.  They made the conscious decision to reconfigure the situation and make a change in the flow of traffic.  I really wish people would start looking at their own lives and where they make the same mistakes or accidents to themselves year after year, or time after time.  You have to start noticing a pattern, just like our city noticed this intersection repeatedly seemed to be hazardous for drivers for some reason.

It is time to start realizing your habitual mistakes and maybe start attacking the problem with a proactive approach.  It’s not your fault you make the same mistakes time after time, it is programmed in your subconscious.  You have to take the time each and every day to start tearing apart your subconscious mind that has been creating your accidents.  It really is holding you back from all the amazing things that you are worthy of having in this world.

How are you going to do this?  Make it a priority in your life to meditate and clear your subconscious of all the pot holes, dangerous intersections, and emotional upsets that you’ve been travelling around with year after year.  Just as our city did research on how to fix this hazardous intersection and come up with this new idea, scientific research is overwhelming on the power of the subconscious mind and the benefits of meditation.  Check it out for yourself.  Google it!

I always love to leave a quote to plant the seed for you to ponder and this time my quote is a little lengthy, but comes from a book that I recommend everyone reading or listening to (the entire audio book is available on Youtube for free) titled, “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murray.

“In the ancient world, Hermes Trismegistus had the reputation of being the greatest, most powerful magus the world ever known.  When his tomb was opened, centuries after his passing, those who were in touch with the wisdom of the ancients waited with great expectancy and a sense of wonder.  It was said that the greatest secret of the ages would be found within the tomb.  As so it was.  The secret inscribed in the tomb read:

As within, so without;

As above, so below.

In other words, whatever you impress in your subconscious mind, that becomes expressed on the screen of space.  This same truth was proclaimed by Moses, Isaiah, Jesus, Buddha, Zoroaster, Lao Tzu, and all the illumined seers of the ages.”

I’m no seer like these great noted people above, but I am smart enough to know, that these amazing ancient minds, and modern scientific research are both saying the same thing.  It’s time we all start rerouting our subconscious and put in a nice new traffic circle in our subconscious minds to free ourselves of anymore unnecessary accidents!

Take time everyday, and start making meditation a daily priority!  I promise, you are worth it!


Update Ourselves

I have to say, I’m not a fan of all the updates that come with the Apple products.  I know they are probably universal and there are updates for all electronic devices, but since I have Apple products, I notice it the most.

As my school year comes to an end, and I finally get the summer to recoup from a long year of hard work, I am starting to feel like I am in huge need one of these updates.  I need to plug into some new energy and let my body just re-energize for a while.

I am ready for a new and improved version of myself.  I’m ready to put some energy into me.  I want to sit back all summer and read books, listen to videos and educate myself as much as I can on anything spiritual and how to become all that I was created to be.  I’m ready for an update.  If only it was as easy as updating your electronic device!

How many of us let ordinary life pass us by and never take time for ourselves.  To better ourselves?  To love ourselves!  To spend alone time with ourselves so that we can see life through the eyes of love and peace and not exhaustion, anger, bitterness or hate.  If a phone or electronic device takes time to make itself better, I’m hoping that as humans, and the top of the intellectual chain, we should take time for ourselves to make ourselves better.  But how many of us don’t?  How many of us just continue through life as we are. We might even have the same hair style, or wear the same styles that we did in high school.  But here we are.  Years later, and we haven’t changed a bit.

As much as I am not a fan of change, I realize it is a part of our lives on this planet.  We have come here to become better people.  To get our updates and to become a better version than we were before.  Just like Apple products.  We need to update ourselves and find why we were put in this world.

That’s what I love about A Course in Miracles.  It is a book perfectly formatted to actually update your brain.  Your life.  Through its teachings you can become a better version of yourself.

For those who have never heard about this book, A Course in Miracles is a complete self-study spiritual thought system.  Its focus is on universal love and peace, by reprogramming this thought system of guilt that has been inbred into us from infancy.  Its target is forgiving others and ourselves.  The Course teaches us how to heal relationships and making them holy, especially within ourselves.  The best part for me is, A Course in Miracles is just a type of universal spiritual teaching and not a religion.  It just focuses on making you a newer improved version of yourself.

I love this quote from this beloved text, “Seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world.”  It is time that we all finally let our updates happen.  Let the new version of you download.  Take time to start seeing the world differently.  You can’t change the world, but you can change how you perceive it.  A Course in Miracles will help you with your update.  It has a 365 day reprogramming system for your brain.  You just have to make the effort to plug yourself into the book for five to ten minutes every day.  I promise it will be the best time you ever spent on yourself.

As much as we all hate to get the new update notice on our electric devices, we appreciate them after we learn how to function with them.  The same will happen if your take the time to update your thought system to that of love and peace.  Take the time to update yourself this summer.  Make it a summer goal.  Who doesn’t want to become a better version of themselves?


Bikini Body or Meditative Mind?

As summer hits, lots of people are on the quest for that perfect “Beach Body”.  I completely understand why!  According to the Food Research & Action Center more than two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese.  This definitely should be an area of concern and a motivation to better ourselves as humanbeings!

Thankfully, it is also reported that 77% of Americans claim to be trying to eat healthier.  That is a very encouraging number!  We are all witnesses to this growing phenomenon!  How many people do you know are on the Keto Diet?  I know many of the people in my life are, and I think it is great!  People should be caring about what they put into their body.  I just wish the world would start focusing on what they put in their mind as much as their bodies.

Many people start the Keto diet for many reasons.  Some may have diabetes in their family, and they were preventing this happening to them.  Others were trying to lower their blood pressure, and a few were just doing it to feel better about themselves.  These are all valid reasons to start looking after yourself.

On a different note, did you know anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness, affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year?  This is a crazier statistic than obesity!  Why aren’t we focusing on this instead of our body weight?  I am positive, that if we dealt with our anxiety disorder epidemic, the weight issue would dissipate!  How many people eat when they are depressed?  Eat to make them feel better.  Just eat to eat.  Food fills their gap.  If people could get control over their mind, the eating healthy part would come easily.  As your mind develops and changes, so will your life choices.

Nowadays, people are informed about the studies on how meditation can change your life!  How it can reduce stress, improve concentration, encourages a healthy lifestyle, increases happiness, increases self-love, slows aging, increases immune function, increases the gray matter in your brain, just to name a few of the benefits at the tip of this amazing meditation iceberg.

As you can see, I’m a huge promoter, and I try to influence people as much as possible.  Sadly, I always hear the excuses like: I don’t have time.  I can’t sit still long enough.  I can’t stop my mind from wondering.  I’ve tried it and it isn’t for me.  Of course it isn’t for you!  Who has time to experience all these wonderful benefits I previously mentioned?

All sarcasm aside, let me put it to you another way.  Meditation is the absolute last thing that your ego wants you to do.  Your ego wants to ruin your life.  That is why it is in us.  Its sole purpose!  To make your life a living hell!  Making these excuses not to meditate is your ego talking, not your true self.

Look back at the list of benefits of meditation I mentioned earlier.  Your ego doesn’t want you to have any of these.  It doesn’t want you happy.  It doesn’t want you to love yourself.  It wants you to age and worry about the way you look.  It doesn’t want you living a healthy lifestyle.  It wants you stressed out.  Why are people letting this part of their thought process win?  Why won’t people start looking at meditation in higher regards than diet or exercise?  It is something that should become a part of everyone’s daily routine.

I’m reading a really great book that I highly recommend to anyone interested in the science of meditation, and it is called “The Book of Secrets” by Osho.  One little sentence I read really shouted at me and I thought would fit perfect for this blog, “Change the within and the without will change!”

So many of us are caught in this crazy web of life, being spun around and around by our egos and all that it makes us think we want and need.  These are the reasons anxiety and depression is on such an up hill climb.  Everyone wants to know the key to happiness…and guess where you will find it?  Within.  Not without.  We have to let our true self talk, and how do you hear your true self?  Sit in silence.  Meditate!


Easy Way or Hard Way?

In honor of Father’s Day coming up, I wanted to pay tribute to the father of my children.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but when it came to choosing a father for my children, I definitely hit the Jackpot.  Actually that is one of my on-going jokes.  I have no luck anymore because I used it all up finding my husband.  In all honesty, this man is everything I imagined the father of my children to be.

One of my favorite techniques that my husband uses when parenting our children is the technique he refers to as “The Easy Way or the Hard Way”.  As soon as he says these words, our children know exactly what he is referring to.

When they were younger, in their testing-their-boundaries stages, if we asked them to do something and they kicked up a fuss, my husband would say, “We can do this the easy way or the hard way, you choose.”  They knew exactly what this choice meant.  They could either go along with what was being asked of them and cooperate, or be forced to do it with my husband’s help.  And they never did enjoy this method.

They knew that it would be way more painful if their father brushed their teeth.  Or they knew it was not as pleasant to have him take their hands and pick up their dishes out of the living room, one dish at a time, and bring it out to the kitchen with his help.  They always halfheartedly laughed at his technique, but it was more because of his silliness in his helping method than anything.

I feel this is very much what our souls go through as they are here on Earth learning their own boundaries.  Our Creator is sitting back, watching our souls grow and giving us lots of love and guidance along the way.  Just like my husband with our children, the Divine is directing our every step, but sometimes he is saying to us, “We can do this the easy way, or the hard way.”

How many of us, many times, choose the hard way?  How many of us know that our lives would be much easier if we had of made different choices?  How many of us know that if we just had of done what we are being asked to do, life would be much easier but we still choose to do it the hard way.  Much suffering come to us over our choices.  We had a voice in the back of our minds chanting to us, “You shouldn’t do this.”  But, we do it anyway.  That is because we are feeding our ego and not our spirit.

Our Creator isn’t here to take us by the hand and lead us, like my husband would do to help our children do what they needed to do whether they wanted to or not.  But, if you would stop and get in tune with your soul, you would know the right way to do everything.  You would understand what the easy way is and the hard way wouldn’t be an option any more.  A good rule of thumb is if it is done with love, it is coming from the Divine.  If it is done with hatred, anger, jealousy, bitterness, or revenge, that is totally coming from your ego.  The ego does not want you happy.  It wants you to feel sorry for yourself.  It wants you to blame others.  It thrives when you are jealous or envious of others.

But when we make these ego lead choices that taint our souls, the Divine doesn’t stop us, or force us to do what he wanted us to do.  Instead, we will make our choice, and then experience the consequences after, however painful they may be.  Some may call it Karma, but it is definitely a parenting technique used by our Creator.  The Universe will shout a little louder at us the next time we make that same simple mistake.  This pattern will continue, with the Universe yelling a little louder and a little louder each time until finally we get it right.

Most of the time, each time that we make the bad choice over and over again, we get to feel the karma or pain of making the wrong choice.  You’ve all experienced I am sure.  As A Course in Miracles says, “It’s not up to you what you learn, but only whether you learn through joy or through pain.”  We are all here on Earth to learn the lessons our soul needs to develop and become enlightened.  What method we learn with is up to us.  If we do it the easy way, we will experience joy and happiness once we learn and change.  If we learn it the hard way, we will continue to experience pain until finally, we let go of our egos and let our consciousness take over.  Let love rule.

Now, that our children are 13 and 15 years of age, I rarely hear their father use this parenting technique.  They just know that they have these two choices, and they don’t even have to be reminded of what choice to make.  They were fast learners.  I’m now 44 and have been on my spiritual path for three and a half years now, and I’m finally starting to clue in like my children.  I can either learn my lessons the easy way or the hard way too.  Finally, I’m letting my ego go and learning my soul’s lessons the easy way.

What is your choice?  Are you going to continue to go through this life ruled by your ego, and learn things the hard way, or are you going to let the love of the Universe take over and learn things the easy way?  Your Father is proud of you either way!  He’s a very patient and loving Creator!