Spiritual Housing

I am so grateful and blessed for the house that my family and I live in.  I love everything about our home.  Our home is a “split entry” home where we all have spacious bedrooms, along with a meditation room and a big home gym.  The favorite part of our home is the kitchen and dining room that is all one.  I never wanted a formal dining room and didn’t see the need of this planning our home.  To me a home gym is much more important than a formal dining room, but that is because I value the importance of exercise.  But this is our home.  It’s not for everyone.

I love it even more that I get to share this home with my husband and our children.  I love our children more than I ever thought I could ever love, as I know all mothers feel.  As soon as these little innocent humans came into my life I was determined to be the best mother I could be.  That of course led me to reading parenting books where I learned so much.  Then, I eagerly applied my learnings to our home and our world as a family.

One of the favorite things that I learned was to never label your children.  I found this very difficult to implement, because we live in a society that labels everything.  I mean everything.  As difficult as it was, I refused to bow to the societal pressures and I never labeled my children…or tried my best not to.

I feel the same way about our lives.  We label ourselves but is it really healthy?  In all honesty does it matter in the grand scheme of things what color our skin is?  Does it matter where we were born?  Or our culture?  Not really, unless you make it important.  That is your ego kicking in to help define who you are as a person.  When you’re really not a person, but a soul.  You are merely a soul inhibiting a body.  Just like I’m a human inhibiting my home.

Do you care what color our house is?  Should you?  Do you care if there is no formal dining room in our home or that I chose to have a home gym in our house?  Again, you should care less.  These are all just personal preferences.  Do we judge people on the color of their home?  Or the rooms that they choose to put in their house.  Do we judge people for their wants and dis-wants in their home?  Why can’t we do the same with our human homes?  We really are just a soul housed in a body, so who cares what color of home they choose to house their soul in?

We have to not only stop labeling children but also look at not labeling people at all.  In any form.  Why do we have to label ourselves spiritually?  It’s all just to put a word on our beliefs.  It’s just a way for your ego to get boosted by thinking their belief is the only way.  There are so many labels.  Agnostic.  Jew.  Christian.  Buddhist.  Hindu.  Atheist.  From Christianity alone you could then sub-label yourself Baptist, Catholic, Pentecostal.  Why?  Is there any need for this?

I would like to see people put the most value in their lives on kindness.  All religions stress the value of kindness but are they kind to people who don’t fit into their label of what their teaching home should look like?  Some do.  Some don’t.  As soon as judgment kicks in kindness is out the front door.  As soon as judgment is in your thoughts your ego has also kicked in hard and that is one thing that I have been trying to eliminate from our home.

I love this quote from A Course in Miracles“What you think you are is a belief to be undone.”  It’s time that we open our homes up and let the breeze clean out the cobwebs that have created over many years of our egos running our homes and let new ideas float in.

I’m a person who absolutely loves Jesus and adores his teachings.  I feel the Universe has a Divine guidance system that is above any of my understanding.  I also love learning about other spiritual masters’ works and I keep my home open to all things spiritual.  I educate myself on it all and don’t close the front door of my home to anything and through this I’m finding if I was made to label my religion it would be the religion of Kindness.

Do you think there is any need of labeling myself?  If God was writing his own parenting book, do you think he would write about the risk of labeling HIS children?  Do you really think God’s ego needs to hear me say, “I am a Christian.”?  No.  God has no ego.  It is the labeled religion that needs to hear you say what they need you to say.  Not God.  God sees what is hanging on the walls of your home…what is in your heart.

Once we undo all these beliefs that have been clogging up our homes we can let kindness take over.  Kindness shouldn’t be a label, or a religion, but a way of life.  Be kind to everyone and stop looking at the color of their home, the rooms they decide to put in their home or whether they live in a bungalow, a split level, split entry, or a two story.  What does it matter?  Who cares about the colors they paint their walls?  Just let them live in the home they want to live in with nothing but kindness as their support beams.  That is what builds a strong home!



Universe Take the Wheel

I have a 15 and a half year old in the house, who hangs around with a group of guys that are all a year older than him, so guess what he is excited for?  Yep!  Turning 16 and have the ability to get his driver’s permit.  I love that he has this new found freedom of taking off with his buddies to travel around the city, but he is anxious to be the one doing the driving, not being the in the passenger’s seat.

One night, I let him drive home from his high school, which is about three kilometers away from our home.  He was excited to get behind the wheel and have the power of the automobile in his own hands for once.

As he adjusted the seat to get comfortable behind the wheel, I showed him where the windshield wipers were, the high and low beams of the headlights, the signal lights and reminded him of which was the gas and then I had to sit back and relaxed as I gave the responsibility of my vehicle over to my almost 16 year old male brain.

He put the car in drive and off we went.  His foot was a bit heavy on the gas at first, but he quickly adjusted to the pressure that was needed under his foot to make the car ride smooth and not jerky.  I immediately felt comfortable with his ease of learning and quick adjustments he was making as he cruised along.

The first 1500 meters was a success.  He was even driving in winter conditions and was braking in lots of time to take into account the icy roads.  I was very impressed with his natural ability to navigate this vehicle.

Then the first 90 degree turn was upon us and he was exiting the school parking lot merging onto the actual road.  He misjudged the turn, and was quickly catapulting the car straight into an icy snowbank.  Without any anxiousness in my body language, I swiftly reached over and gave the steering wheel a quick jerk and in an instant he was quickly back on course.

After this, he met his first car, and was driving like a pro at the wheel.  We were rapidly coming upon the next 90 degree turn, where there was a car waiting to turn at the stop sign.  I left the turning up to him and this time, he mastered it with ease.  I praised his improvement and he had only about 100 meters to go before we were upon our street.

He turned on the signal light to turn right onto our street and was taking his next 90 degree turn.  He let off of the gas, and slowed down to take the turn like he done it 100 times.  As he made the turn, and thought he was on track to give the car some gas, his foot was once again a bit heavy on the gas and the car went flying at a 45 degree angle across both lanes of the road.  As he miss judged the turn, and the speed of the car was upon him, he quickly applied the brake, and asked if I would drive the last 500 meters to our home.

Of course, I gladly changed places with him, but you know what?  I truly admired his behavior.  Why?  I admired him for taking the risk of driving, and doing so wonderful for his first time.  I also admired his knowledge to know when he had enough, and to ask me to drive the rest of the way.  All while remaining very calm on both ends of the experience.

How many adults are behind their own wheel of life and are driving through this Universe, just like my son? Really, we are all new drivers to this Universe, are we not?  Some of us are too scared to go after what we want in this world, but not my son.  How many of us give our lives too much gas and end up somewhere we shouldn’t be?  I know I have.  How many of us hit the brakes in our lives when we shouldn’t have?  I know I have.  How many of us don’t take a sharp enough turn and turn right into those lurking snowbanks of life that get us stuck where we are?  I know I have.

Our brakes are our fears that hold us back from our divine destiny.  We have to let these fears go.  Our turns are the choices that we make that we probably shouldn’t have taken.  We’ve all made choices that we aren’t proud of, but let this shame and guilt go and learn to forgive yourself.   Luckily for my son, I was calmly sitting in the passenger seat, guiding him and reinforcing his actions the entire way, until he finally had enough and asked me to take the wheel.  Even though he was doing fine, he relaxed and let me take over, and that takes a lot of intelligence.

A Course in Miracles says, “It’s not up to you what you learn, but only whether you learn through joy or through pain.”  My son decided to learn through joy, and not through the pain of driving into a snowbank.  We are all put on this Earth for our souls to learn through this human experience.  It’s up to us whether we want to learn it through the joy of the spiritual world, or whether we want to learn it through the pain of the real world.

Fortunately for all of us, we have the same luxury as my son!  Just like my hand quickly grabbing the steering wheel and in the blink of an eye giving it a quick jerk to help my son get back on course that is what my Universal Passenger does for me.  You can easily say, “Universe, take the wheel” and the higher power in this universe will take over.  Call him God, the Tao, Buddha, the Divine or whatever you are comfortable calling him.  As soon as you put your faith in this Divine power, and know that he is calmly waiting for you in the passenger’s seat to ask him to drive you the rest of the way home, he will.  He will put your life on a cruise control that you never knew was possible.  You never have to take the wheel ever again.  Just sit back, relax, and let what is going to happen– happen.  Life has its divine design, and we just have to figure out how to trust in someone else in the driver’s seat.

This is one life experience that I will always cherish between my son and I.  I love how when he knew he had enough, he asked for help.  That is my job.  That is why I’m here for him.  My wish is that everyone will do the same with our Divine Creator.  He really has everything orchestrated in our lives all for our learning pleasure.  Why try to crash into those snowbanks that are lurking around every corner.  Just let him take the wheel and watch how smooth the drive home is!


Vibrational Vibes

I might live in a small city in New Brunswick, but we have many things I am very blessed to have in my life.  One of these things is a local physiotherapist who just so happens to also be a longtime friend.  There are many smart people in this world, but she is one I’ve admired for her intelligence since the minute I met her.  Just one of those super smart, in tuned people that I’m drawn towards.

Lately, this beautiful, smart woman who is very talented in her field of healing got interested in the study of people’s vibrations, which just so happens to be a very keen interest of mine own as well.  She went to Toronto to study all about the body’s vibrations and how injuries are usually the case of that area’s vibratory factors being altered.

When she explained to me this new adventure of hers, I was so intrigued!  Coming from a scientific stand point it is proven that all living things have vibrations, and coming from a spiritual angle, they can’t stress this enough.  Now to have one of the smartest people I know gravitating to the study of human vibrations just justified my own beliefs.

My daughter hurt her knee in gymnastics, and that was the universe opening the door for us to go visit my amazing physiotherapist friend.  I could listen to her talk about all that she learned in her seminars about these vibrational stickers that she uses on people for hours.  Her own personal accounts of using the stickers on other patients and their success stories just fascinated me.

Luckily for me, while she was treating my daughter, I had an inflamed lymph node myself, and she started stickering me up like a kindergartener’s reward chart.  Instantly I could feel my vibrations increasing, and actually felt my body moving in circles.  I couldn’t believe the results myself.  The pain was gone.  The effects of the stickers only lasted a few days, but to have this nagging pain dissipated even for a few hours was huge to my mental state.

After about three treatments the pain was gone, and never to return again.  She also did wonders for my daughters knee with these stickers, and I think my daughter is now addicted to them.

I started to get really intrigued with this vibrational education that was opening up before me, and I looked into it even more and was surprise what I learned in a book called “Power Versus Force” by David Hawkins all about everything being energy and how it interacts and affects EVERYTHING…definitely a must read for all!  You can check out what I am going to explain to you at this website if you are further interested: https://www.healyourlife.com/a-clear-map-to-your-spiritual-enlightenment

If you find that you are feeling a lot of guilt or shame in your world, you are at your lowest possible frequency of 20-30!  How many of us let our minds sabotage our worlds with this mental torture?  We let ourselves shame ourselves until we are mentally crippled by these very negative, and the lowest of the vibrational chain.  Shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, pride are all emotions that are pulling our vibrations down, but we continue to let them rule our lives.  We are littered with this suffering, and why?

I’m sure you can answer what is at the top of the vibrational grid!  Yes, you are right!  Ultimate consciousness, or enlightenment.  Working our way down from here we have peace, joy, love, reason, acceptance, wiliness, neutrality and courage.  All expanded vibrations that keep us in the flow of love and light.

After reading this book, I wanted to express our need to start paying more attention to our daily vibrations and what we are letting into our minds.  Just like my incredible friend who is healing the injured with her vibrational stickers we can change our minds with increasing our own vibrations.

If you’ve read my blogs before, you know I am all about the symbolism in the Bible, and if you’ve ever read Isaiah 61, it is all about the “Good News of Salvation”, which to me could be translated to the “Good News of Becoming Enlightened”.  It’s all about these vibrations that Dr. Hawkins is talking about.  You can take the time to read the chapter if you’d like, but the third and seventh verse is what really pops out to me, Isaiah 61:3 says, “To give to those who mourn in Zion joy and gladness instead of grief, A song of praise instead of sorrow.  They will be like trees that the Lord himself has planted.  They will all do what is right, and God will be praised for what he has done.”  And then Isaiah 61:7, “Your shame and disgrace are ended.  You will live in your own land, and your wealth will be doubled; Your joy will last forever.”

If only you could see the benefits of raising your vibrations and getting out of these low vibrations and replace them with the vibrations of joy and gladness, you would live in your own happy land.  Start singing songs of your blessings, instead of sorrow by focusing on what you have, not what you don’t have.  You are the trees that the Lord has planted, and you can wither up and give up, or you can change the way you look at the world and start using your roots to suck in every positive vibration that is around you.

You don’t have to become enlightened and live at the top of the vibrational universe, but if you can get yourself out of the lower end of the scale, you would be much better off.  In his book, Dr. Hawkins says that Adolph Hitler’s energy measured around a 37 on this vibrational scale that starts at 20.  You have to know that you are a much better person that Hitler, so please start being aware of the vibrations that you are letting into your mind on a daily bases.  Even hourly bases.

There are many ways to raise your vibrations if you are in need of it.  Google it and start implementing them into your life today.  Nobody deserves to be living the life of Hitler.  Nobody!


Seven Ways to Happy Days

It’s officially over.  Children are back to school and the Christmas holidays are finished for another year.  Some people may say, “Back to the grind.”  Like it or not, we all have to get on with responsibilities, duties and our daunting daily routines.

The only thing that makes this a horrible time of the year is thinking that it is a horrible time of the year.  Being a teacher myself, I am fortunate to share these holidays with my children, and I am very grateful for such an opportunity.  Going back to school for me, however, is a breath of fresh air.  I’m a huge fan of routine, and I believe that as humans we NEED routine!

Why do you think we need routine?  Because it makes our days happier ones.  But why?  When I started to do research on why my body craves routine, I learned that routine takes the guess work out of our days.  We know what to do, when to do it, why we should do it and at what time we have to do it at.  We don’t have to plan a thing.  It is all planned out for us and embedded in our brains.  That is what makes routine so wonderful.  No thinking involved.

It has taken me 44 years to develop my morning routine that makes my days happier.  I thought I would save you years of learning and list seven useful tips on what makes my mornings happier, and hopefully if you start to implement these seven easy things to your mornings, your days will immensely improve.  I will warn you that you have to get up at least an hour earlier than you are right now, but there is a quick fix to this, and that is go to bed an hour earlier.  You need this alone time and time set aside at the beginning of your day to insure nobody disturbs you.

1.  Meditation.

Silence is golden.  As soon as I get up I go to my meditation room where I have a mat on the floor and a lazy boy in the corner and this is where I remain for the next hour of my life.  I do baby pose for eleven minutes first, because I learned during my Kundalini yoga that performing baby pose for eleven minutes is equivalent to four hours of sleep.  Since I’ve been doing this daily I’ve noticed such a difference in my energy level.  To me it a must do.  If I don’t have time to meditate, I do baby pose no matter what.  I meditate while doing the baby pose anyway.

After the baby pose, I then sit in my meditation chair and do my daily meditation.  Sometimes I might meditate for 40 minutes, other days it might be 20 minutes.  This depends on how my mind is that day.  If I only meditate for 20 minutes, this is when I start talking to my inner person.  You know what I mean.  We all have that inner person that we talk to and pass our thoughts by.  I love my inner person.  He really is my favorite part of my morning.

2.  Exercise. 

It doesn’t have to be anything huge or for hours.  I do a few Kundalini yoga stretches, chin-ups and usually a held handstand for a few seconds, just to get my heart upside down and really get the blood flowing around my nervous system.  My routine might take 10 minutes at the most.  I do my chin-ups while walking by chin-up bar at some point in the morning, and my yoga stretches are easy to do with my students in my class if I don’t get them done at home, but you have to get some sort of blood pumping activity in to really get your day off right.

3.  Praying (I pray with my children). 

Every morning, I read my children a Joel Osteen Devotion from his app.  Quick, easy, and to the point with a great lesson and a prayer all included.  It might take 3 minutes each child, but it is my quiet time with them and it gives them a good routine to get into.  I’m trying to instill some of my craziness in them.  One of my children enjoys meditating in the morning, the other in the evening so I let them choose.

4.  Healthy and nutritious breakfast. 

I was never a morning eater, but since I started implementing my “No eating after supper” rule, and being up for an hour before I eat breakfast it usually is about 14 hours since I last ate.  By this time I am ready to get some nutrients into me.

5.   Write in my AppreciationJjournal. 

I do have to admit that this is one thing that I leave to do with my students in my class every morning.  I am usually at my school for 8am and I don’t have to actually start teaching until 8:15.  This gives me time to sit down and write all the things that I am grateful for while my students are writing in their Quick Write scribblers that is part of their morning routine that I developed for my classroom.  It works out perfectly.

6.  Mindfully hug and tell the important people in my life that I love them. 

You might wonder what a Mindful Hug is?  It is a hug where you hug and take three deep breaths in and out while you are mindful of the person you are hugging.  It was something that I read in one of my mindfulness books and start doing with my children.  At first they thought I was whacked…but they are getting used to my craziness now and just play along.

7.  Be happy. 

Just do it.  Be happy.  You have to break free from those negative thoughts and emotions.  We have to move away from our unhappy stories.  The Pitty Party is over!  There is nothing in the moment you can do about what you feel, you just have to accept that that is how you feel.  I love Eckhart Tolle’s book, “A New Earth Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose”  This is one quote that I wanted to share with you about one of his unhappy patients.  He asked them, “Can you see that your unhappiness about being unhappy is just another layer of unhappiness?”  He continues to ask, “If you don’t mind being unhappy, what happens to the unhappiness?”

If you read this blog to find happiness because you are unhappy, read Eckhart’s words over and over until you totally understand them.  In all reality to be happy is just acceptance of what you are feeling in the present moment, and not to dwell on it.  If you are unhappy, just realize you are unhappy.  Don’t let your body feed off it.  Eckhart explains that once you stop identifying with the feeling, the old painful emotion that is alive in you, if you don’t resist it, then it can’t control your thinking.

I love being happy, and I want all the world to experience true happiness and freedom from pain.  This is just part of my daily routine that I’ve developed over my many years on my spiritual walk.  Everyone’s walk is different, and everyone has to develop their own morning routine that makes them happy.  Just remember that routine is a must.  Your brain doesn’t have to think.  It’s just automatic.  Also remember that the morning is the best time to have alone time for yourself.  Just like Eckhart Tolle is saying…let go of resistance and true happiness will find you no matter what.


Sugared Egos

It’s amazing what a year can do in a life.  Last year at this time, I was hard-core into my calorie counting app called, “Lose It”, trying to shed a few pounds before I went to Cuba.  This year, however, I’ve been educating myself on the health concerns of consuming sugar, and I am now on a no sugar diet.  Not because I want to lose weight, but rather the phobia that sugar is eventually going to kill me or give me some life threatening disease.

If you haven’t heard of Sarah Wilson, she is a must Google!  I have ordered her books and I am very excited to learn more from this lady who has definitely done her research on this subject matter.

From this lady, I learned so much!  Did you know that fructose is highly addicted and is the only molecule on the planet that doesn’t possess an appetite off switch.  That’s why we can eat three chocolate bars and never feel full.  It is also the only molecule that goes straight to our liver and is then processed there and transformed into fatty acids.  As you may know, other energy sources are processed slowly through our body’s cells.  Think about that the next time you are drinking your can of Pepsi that you can’t live without.  As soon as you take a drink and set it down, it is instantly turned into fat.  Disgusting right?

Not only does this instantly turn to fat, it turns into visceral fat.  Have you ever heard of visceral fat?  It is the most dangerous kind of fat.  It is the fat that gets in and around your organs and lodges in your stomach…kind of like a beer belly.  This fat is very hard to lose and is linked to heart disease and other metabolic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s, Colitis and a bunch of cancers especially pancreatic cancer.  Anything to do with inflammation is caused from sugar because sugar causes inflammation.

The most astounding thing that I learned was that in the 1960s, when Eisenhower was President in the United States, he had a heart attack and the world then set out to find the reason of why he had a heart attack.  Crazily, in the UK, scientists found that sugar was the problem, but in the US it was different.  A scientist who was held highly in the US government for inventing army ration packs, found that saturated fat was the problem.  He studied 22 countries, but only released 7 counties results in his study.  He cherry picked the countries that went with his theory.  Back then, before Google, people just accepted this and the FDA ran with this study.

This is when we started getting all the “fat-free” food trying to make us healthy, where really it was doing the opposite.  It was pumping us full of sugar that replace the taste and texture of removing the fat from the products.  We were advised to eat margarine and not butter when margarine is only one molecule away from plastic.  Isn’t it crazy what the government did to us?  All off the bases of one man’s cherry picked scientific discovery.

I can go on and on about more that I learned, but these are the most astounding finds in my research about sugar and the body, but I wanted to use it as a way of showing people that we shouldn’t just take people’s word for things.  We are all raised with the beliefs of our parents, our government and our friends.  All these people might have different beliefs, and we should look for our own views.  Do our own research.  Discover our beliefs for ourselves and stay open-minded.  As soon as you close your mind off to something because of your own beliefs, you are closing off your world and remember, it is the ego that gives you a closed mind.

I wish people would do this on their spiritual journey.  Just because you were brainwashed into believing the way you believe, why not open your mind up and educate yourself on other religions and beliefs.  It is amazing what you will find.  There is only one God, and he will not be upset with you if you read the Dhammapada.  He won’t freak out at you and send you to Hell for doing Kundalini yoga that was developed by the Hindus.  We are all his children.  Every single one of us around the globe.  There is no exclusive spiritual country club.  That is just your ego telling you and frightening you.  Just like the government frightened us about saturated fats…when all along it could be sugar that is the bad guy.

All I want is for people to be open-minded about all aspects of life.  I love Swedenborg and his take on religions.  “The nature of heaven is to provide a place there for all who lead good lives, no matter what their religion may be.”

He was taught during his divine experiences and awakenings that individuals not religious are accepted into Heaven. Religions are not a pass to Heaven, nor are they a pass to Hell.  All people of all faiths and non-faiths are allowed in. Here they live in Heaven and which level of Heaven depends on an individual’s level of higher or lower consciousness.  Maybe it is our consciousness we should be working on, not thinking we are better than others because of our beliefs.  Remember, fear is ego too.  If you are scared to explore other spiritual ideas, that is your ego.  It doesn’t want you to awaken and become conscious.  The higher your level of consciousness, the less ego you have.  The ego wants you to remain scared of going to Hell.

If God made us all, do you not think he loves us all the same?  No father would create a prestigious system where his child grows up as a loving, kind human-being birthed into a family and community of a certain faith just to be denied access to Heaven for that faith.  How closed minded.  That screams EGO and totally man-made to me…but again, that is just my educated guess on the matter.  I’m not a scientist who would have cherry picked seven of the 22 countries that would go along with my beliefs.  But an ego would.

I’ll close with a very fitting quote from A Course in Miracles that aligns exactly with what my 18th century Swedish scientist, philosopher, theologian, revelator, and mystic said.  “Heaven is not a place or a condition. It is merely an awareness of perfect oneness.” 


Soul Train

Winter.  Isn’t it wonderful?  You never know what the day will bring you.  Super cold or crazy amount of snow and even some days beautiful sunny days that make you remember what a wonderful season summer really is.

The last big snow storm that we had I was sitting in my bedroom just listening to the howling wind and watching the blowing snow when I faintly heard the sound of the train blaring its horn to make people aware that it was in town.  At the time I couldn’t believe that there was something venturing in these 80 km/hour winds and white out conditions.  I guess nothing stops the train from reaching its destination, because if it could plow through this recent storm, it could plow through anything.

As I heard this train whistle while I was sitting in my bedroom in the silence of the storm, things started to race through my mind.  How symbolic is this train pressing through these crazy winter conditions?  Not stopping for anything until it finally reaches its end point.  Very much like life, isn’t it?  We have to trudge through our snow storms.  We have to bear the heat of the summer.  And what for?  All to get to our final destination of life.  Where are you destined?  I am still trying to discover this question for myself.

It’s been 27 years since I graduated high school and in these 27 years I’ve gained a lot of wisdom.  First I got my degree in Kinesiology, then soon after I became a certified personal trainer.  I worked in a physio clinic for seven years and run my own exercise class for 11 years.  I thought this was the train track that I was on.  However, after working for seven years in a physio clinic I decided it was time for a track change and I went back and did my education degree and have been teaching ever since.

Along with all this voyage I also became a Level 3 certified gymnastics coach and have coached gymnastics since I graduated high school in 1991.  I know this isn’t the track that I wanted to be on for life, or a full time job, but it was my hobby that made me happy and fulfilled.

These are just my certifications in teaching, coaching and training of people.  In the last three years, I also started venturing on new terrain.  Tracks that I never dreamed I would ever find my train wheels upon.  I am now a Reiki Master/Teacher.  I am certified Mindfulness Practitioner Master.  I am also certified in EFT Tapping and now I’m taking a Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher course along with Applying Shamanic and Spiritual Principles to Awaken Your Soul Certification.  I’ve taken all this, plus I’ve now written 285 blogs that I’ve posted to this site.  Never would I ever thought my train would end up here.

Over my years of being on these train tracks, one thing I do know about myself is that I love to learn, and even more than learning, I love to teach.  I want to share all that I learn with the world.  I’ve loved teaching from a very young age, and was always one of those people that took control over a situation when nothing was getting done.  When I was a gymnast training, other gymnasts would ask me to watch their new skills and I loved giving them feedback, even though I wasn’t the coach, and probably shouldn’t have been saying anything other than, “Great job!”

As my life continues to unfold, and I am tuning in to my soul, my world of teaching seems to be just starting to open up.  I love my job as a grade 5 teacher.  Spending your day with sweet ten year olds is really the best job out there, but there is one thing that I love more.  That is helping people find their own lost soul.  I’ve worked with many different people who are lost, and life has gotten them totally off their tracks.  Some of them even just want their train to crash so that their voyage could be over.  These are the people that I enjoy working with.  Convincing them that they are almost at their destination and not to give up on this crazy train ride of life.

Once people finally find their lost soul it is the most rewarding trip of a lifetime.  That is when you really want to toot the horn of your train and shout it from the roof tops.  Most of the time, this new track of teaching that my train has landed upon isn’t the easiest.  It is hard convincing people of this totally brainwashed society that they have a soul bigger than they can imagine, and that it holds such opportunities for them to venture on.

Most of my clients aren’t easily convince and share many of the same common tracks.  Life has beaten them down, and their self-confidence is totally off the rails.  They just don’t know how to find their way back on their train tracks of life.  Through much internal soul searching I seem to manage to help get these people back on track and their train ride starts back up again.  This time, however, they are full of confidence knowing that with their soul as their railway engineer they are never going to get on the wrong track of life again.

As A Course in Miracles explains, “The ego seeks to divide and separate.  Spirit seeks to unify and heal.”  Remember, that it is just your ego trying to ram you off of your train tracks of life.  Your soul wants you to cruise and bring you love with others and heal the wounds that the ego has inflicted upon you all your life.  Let your soul take control of your train, and then the ride of your life will finally start to get its wheels in motion!

Please let me know if you need any help finding your lost soul and getting your life back on the train tracks of life.  I’d love to help!


New Year’s Ego-lution!

Yay!!!  The countdown is on!  It’s almost 2018!  In a few hours we will be celebrating one of the greatest of all holidays.  New Years!  Such an incredible time of the year for the young and old.  A time to make changes in your life.  It is the time to take on new adventures and step out of your comfort zone.  January is just an amazing time of the year.  A clean slate.  Fresh start.

What are your plans for this New Year?  Are you going to make any drastic changes in yourself?  Are you planning to become a better person somehow…some way?  Maybe you want to quit a habit that has been pestering you.  Maybe you want to look after your body better?  Could it be that you want to add more positivity into your life?  Whatever your plans are, I applaud you!  Change is always a great thing.  Challenging, but a wonderful step in the right direction.

I’m on my third year of my spiritual journey and there are soooooo many things that I would love to change, but the only things that I can change is that which is inside of me.  I can’t change anything or anyone but myself, so when I look into myself, again, there are still many things that I would love to alter and make better.  I’m all about personal betterment.  Always have been.  Perhaps that is why I love this time of the year so much?

My first year on this new spiritual path my goal was to become a better wife.  What a difference that made in our family dynamics!  I would recommend this resolution to anyone who wants to see a transformation in their entire household!  Husband, wife or life partner.  Whoever your live with and choose to call your significant other.

The next year was to learn to love myself for who I am and who God made me to be.  Everyone NEEDS to set this as a goal in their lives ASAP!  I can’t put into words the importance of falling in love with yourself.  Nobody knows you better than you!  Once you discover this amazing you, you will never need anyone else.

Last year, I decided it was time to start taking better care of my temple.  The only body that is housing this dear soul of mine while I’m alive on this earth.  I started watching what I put into my body.  I found Kundalini Yoga which my body fell in love with!  Little things can go a long way when you start putting something as a priority in your life.

This year comes my biggest challenge so far!  Becoming a better wife was easy…just put my husband as my top priority.  Learning to love myself was challenging at first, but the more alone time I spent with me, the more I started to appreciate me for who I really am.  Looking after my body…well, that was another no brainer.  I just had to make better choices with my lifestyle.  It was something that I could easily carry out for a year, and continue to be successful.

This year however, I’m trying to rid myself of my ego!  No judgment because that is total ego…thinking you are better than someone else.  No more anger.  Again, that is your ego not being kind and loving and only seeing situations from your angle.  No stress…as soon as you let stress in your life, ego is ruling it.  No more defending myself…again, if you have the need to defend, that is just your ego needing to prove you are right.

Some people may think I’m crazy, but that would be just their egos telling them that.  I know that this is the way for me to grow closer to my spiritual self.  The method for me to get closer to God who lives inside of me.  As Luke 20-21 says, “Some Pharisees asked Jesus when the Kingdom of God would come. His answer was, “The Kingdom of God does not come in such a way as to be seen. No one will say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or, ‘There it is!’; because the Kingdom of God is within you.”

Until we remove this ego which puts such negativity into our worlds, we will never find this Kingdom of God inside of us.  Our lives will never be as fulfilled as they are supposed to be.  Will it be easy to remove my ego?  Probably not, but all I want to do is acknowledge when I am being ruled by my ego.  Catch myself every time I feel these feelings arising in my body and mind.  To me, this is step one.  Maybe next year, I can extend this New Year’s Resolution even greater than this, but for now, I will be happy with trying my best to acknowledge and try eliminate this evil side of me as much as possible.

We all have the Kingdom of God inside of us, but our ego smothers it out.  How fair is that?  I’m done letting this crazy part of me ruin my life.  I’m ready to take this giant leap into cleansing my body from all of these emotions.  If it means bringing me closer to God and my life’s purpose than I am in!  Is there anyone else up for this grande challenge for a resolution?  I’m calling it my New Year’s Ego-lution, which is my solution to make my world an even better place to be for all I encounter!