Running Resources

I love running! It’s my happy place for sure. I’ve run a few half-marathons before, but since my shoeswebchildren have become hard core into sports themselves, and
I coach my daughter
with her many hours of gymnastics training, I find it difficult to find the time.  If I can slip in a half-hour run here and a half hour run there, I am a happy woman!

My new favorite thing to do is listen to audio books while I run. It gives me 30 minutes to listen and learn about different aspects of life. You know me, I love self-help books, or reading NDEs…they fascinate me!

I am listening to a great NDE book right now, by Anita Moorjani. Her story is an unbelievable one! I’m only at three hours and 37 minutes, and still have three hours and three minutes left, but it is a great motivator to get me out running, because I promised myself I would only listen to it when I was out running!

This audio book venture is a new one to me.  I wanted to find a new motivator to get me to lace up my sneakers and hit the pavement, no matter what the Canadian winter threw at me, and this is really working for me!

Try it out yourself.  Hopefully it will make your run inspirational and motivational!  Good luck!