The Imperfectly Perfect Wife

January 2015 took me on a wonderful journey! I’d have to say it was my best year yet, and I think my family would agree! My New Year’s Resolution was to become a better wife.
TobyDavidI spent my entire life trying to reach that “perfect” state. I love reading books on how to be a better mom, teacher, coach…but something was missing. It was how to become a better
wife… but one year of reading, researching and much trial and error, I now have many ideas that can make your life better…or at least, it worked for me.

I’ve read countless books on this subject now, and I would love to share it all with you! I can help you take out the middle man…of finding the book, reading, researching, inventing the wheel…if you are interested. Just different ideas that with my Divine Creator, has taken me down a path of incredible happiness.

Hopefully, it is helpful for you on your journey of balancing it all…husband, kids, work, sports, health, and above all, Christianity. I love the transition my life has taken, I just want to shout it from the roof tops, but I decided the World Wide Web was an even better place to shout from!