Stop to Smell the Roses

I was so fortunate to receive roses this Valentine’s Day! I love roses, and was very gracious to have these beautiful, red, soft scented flowers adorning my kitchen for the occasion. Their aroma filled my kitchen for many days. I did everything that I was supposed to do with these flowers. I followed the instructions […]

Nutty Newton

Who hasn’t heard of Newton’s Laws of Motion? Objects in motion stay in motion, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!…I’m sure you all heard that one. Did you ever really think about the third law? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It’s total common sense really…right? Have you ever thought of this […]

Helpful Heel

Have you ever broken a bone? I’m an ex-gymnast, so broken bones have been part of my daily routine. In ten years of being a competitive gymnast, I have pretty much covered every inch of my body with some sort of injury. I’ve hyper-extended elbows, torn my Achilles tendon and broken fingers, toes, ankles…and even […]

Detention Disaster

Detention…doesn’t the word just make you cringe? Have you ever been in detention? I was once, as a high school student, because I decided to leave school on “National Jig Day”. Have you ever heard of it? I don’t know if the day even exists…Honestly, I’m not sure. I explained to my parents weeks before […]

Ring Rescue

I’m a lover of jewelry! What woman isn’t? I think it is on the double X chromosomes, to be attracted to sparkly objects. I’ve seen it in my daughter…since she could start to communicate with us, she was drawn to shiny things, and from the time she could talk, she expressed her love for sparkles! […]